The IRBC Basic Training Course in Reformed Biblical counseling

offered from september-april

The IRBC Basic Training Course in Reformed Biblical Counseling is offered each year in various locations across the United States of America (and beyond). Men and women of all ages (post-high) have taken the course, learning how to be better equipped to minister to suffering people with truth from God's Word in a holistic manner. Many have spoken about how the course also challenged them and grew them in their walk with Christ. The course meets once per month (besides holidays/breaks) for two hours, during which time students watch a lecture or counseling observation together and discuss counseling-related topics. Students are responsible for watching the majority of the lectures and counseling observations at home on their own time between these monthly class seminars. Homework is also assigned, and involves reading three books, reading various articles, and watching short videos at home. Students that attend (or makeup) all the lectures (there are two allowed absences) and do all the assigned homework receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. 

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