7DD Data collecting and goal form

For Phase 1 of the IRBC Biblical Counseling Certification process, you will have to submit five filled-in copies of the 7DD sheet. These sheets were made to encourage people to think about those they counsel holistically. Forms are to be filled out while watching the counseling observation sessions. If you took the IRBC Basic Training Course in Reformed Biblical Counseling before September of 2021, you do not have to submit these forms. All classes beginning in September 2021 give their students ten copies of this form; of these ten copies, only five need to be submitted. Scans/pictures of hard copies can be submitted in the section below; or, clicking on the graphic to the left will enable you to download a typable version of the 7DD form, which you can then submit in the section below. 

Document submission

Upload scans/pictures, or upload typed file

Click here to submit your five copies of the 7DD sheet. Remember that goals do not need to be given on these sheets (focus on data collection). If you take pictures, make sure to upload both the front and back sides of each completed sheet.