Reformed Family Services

Reformed Family Services is an integral part of the Institute for Reformed Biblical Counseling, as is evidenced by the fact that it is built into the constitutional framework of the organization. The following paragraph has been excerpted from Article IV of the IRBC Constitution: “Because God has ordained that the institution of the family is to serve as the building block of the church and society, and there is no institution that God has established among men that can surpass the family’s influence and related success in evangelism, discipleship, education, or industry, IRBC is committed to defending and restoring a biblical vision of the family. Because IRBC’s commitment to the family is one which is rooted in a heart-felt conviction, the commitment has been purposefully built into the structure of the organization.”


Our most recent Reformed Family Services marriage retreats were held in Shelbyville, Michigan (November 2015), Sioux Falls, South Dakota (January 2017 and November 2021), and White Cloud, Michigan (May 2019 and January 2020). We hosted two parenting conferences in 2014 and 2015, wherein Dr. Tedd Tripp served as the speaker. Our goal is to regularly host or promote a solidly Reformed retreat or conference pertaining to marriage and/or the family.


Marriage retreats

Currently, we do not have any marriage retreats scheduled for 2022. Check back here to see if one will be conducted in your area at a later time. Below is a photo gallery from previous retreats.