anger & stress management God's way

If you’ve ever struggled with anger, if you’ve ever been so stressed out that you don’t know where to turn, then let this book, guided by the principles of Scripture, change your life—forever.

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Get offa my case: Godly parenting of an angry teen

This is a book about transformation—transformation, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, of an angry, defiant teen. More immediately, though, its’s about transformation of that teen’s fearful, exasperated, and hurting parents.

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Get outta my face: how to reach angry, unmotivated teens with biblical counsel

This book will teach you how to build a bridge to young adults on the basis of the ways in which their desires and actions reflect the image of God and the blessing of common grace.

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Help! my anger is out of control

The question that must be addressed is how a sinfully angry person can become a person of grace. This mini-book provides the answer and gives us hope by directing our attention to the power of Christ to transform angry people into gracious people.

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the heart of anger

Does your children ever speak to you in angry, disrespectful tones? Christian families, especially those in which children are home for most of the day, especially episodes of frustration and anger.

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bitterness: the root that pollutes

When people treat you wrongly, insult you, or are outright sinful to you, how do you react? Are you satisfied to hold grudges against those who wrong you, as long as they don't lead to action? Unfortunately, your decision to harbor bitterness is just as much of a sin as the one originally committed against you, and your reaction to others' sin is a spiritual battle you are called on to win.

Lou Priolo focuses on that battle in this vital booklet that seeks to weed out the problem of bitterness. By offering a biblical definition and identifying its outward signs, the author equips you to recognize bitterness in your own life, and he lays out a scriptural plan to ensure victory by repaying others' evil with good. You will find grudges losing their grip as you focus instead on how to show love.

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