Conflict resolution

resolving everyday conflict

Everyone encounters conflict—whether it be with a co-worker, family member, friend, or complete stranger. And yet we all desire harmony in our relationships. Resolving Everyday Conflict is a practical, biblical, and concise guide to peacemaking in everyday life that can turn your troubled relationships into peaceful ones. With the proven advice found in this book, authors Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson show you how to achieve not only a cease-fire but also unity and harmony. Their biblical guidance will take you beyond resolving conflicts to true, life-changing reconciliation with family, co-workers, and fellow believers.

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resolving everyday conflict: Participant guide

Tired of fighting? We all have conflict. It’s usually not the big blow up—but more like the tense conversation around the breakfast table or the difficulties with an angry neighbor, an overbearing boss, or a moody teenager. Or more seriously, maybe you haven’t spoken with an extended family member for years. These everyday conflicts build up walls and tear down relationships wherever they occur—at home, at work, or anywhere in between. As much as we hate these conflicts, we often don’t know what to do about them. We want answers, but we’re just not sure where to find them. There’s good news and real hope. Resolving Everyday Conflict is an eight-week DVD study that unpacks the amazing things the Bible has to say about conflict and relationships; this is the book (guide) that goes with the study (DVD series sold separately). Throughout this study, you’ll find the powerful and practical answers you are looking for as you dig into topics such as: defining the conflict, determining legitimate interests, dealing with harmful responses, moving toward forgiveness—and then finding beneficial solutions to confounding situations. With God’s help, Resolving Everyday Conflict will dramatically change the way you respond to conflict—no matter what the other person does.

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Resolving Everyday conflict DVD set

The Resolving Everyday Conflict small group Bible study is an eight-week DVD study that unpacks the amazing things the Bible has to say about conflict and relationships in an open and nonthreatening way. DVD sessions are about 35 minutes in length; there are discussion questions, personal application, and each of the eight sessions has four devotionals for use during the week to solidify that week’s message. In addition to use in the church, you can use it in your workplace or neighborhood.

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how to help people in conflict: becoming a biblical peacemaker

Everyone wants “world peace.” But is peace even possible?
While peacemaking is the task of all Christians, it is peculiarly the task of the biblical pastor/counselor. So we wonder...

Are you a peacemaker?
Is your church a peacemaking center?

Learn how to become a biblical peacemaker and help bring that “peace that passes understanding” into your home and church.

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help! i'm in a conflict

Sleepless nights, loss of appetite, broken relationships, and emotions going crazy with anger, bitterness, and anxiety: all are symptoms of times of conflict. Unfortunately, churches and Christians are not immune. How are we supposed to respond to others when we are in conflict? What kind of guidance can the Bible give us? Does gospel-grounded truth address tension in our relationships? What practical steps should we take it we’re experiencing relationship difficulty? These are some of the questions this mini-book will answer.

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The peacemaker

Sande weaves that theology into a tapestry portraying Jesus Christ and his gospel as the only true foundation for peacemaking, which he illustrates with fresh examples of resolving conflict in the family, church, and workplace. Central to this enriched theology is an enlightening inquiry into how we can identify and overcome controlling desires that, left unidentified and unconfessed, can fuel conflict further. Sande also provides additional helpful insights into how we can gently and lovingly help others see their part in conflict situations and lead them to forgiveness and reconciliation. He shows how such conflict ‘assignments’ provide opportunities to glorify God by representing the love, mercy, and forgiveness of God in Jesus Christ. Finally, the new appendix on developing a ‘culture of peace’ is an article that every church and Christian should read and heed if they want to be blessed.

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The young peacemaker

This book offers the opportunity to teach, demonstrate, and model constructive approaches to conflict. It will be a blessing for all parents, teachers, and church staff as a manual for reconciliation.

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the leadership opportunity: living out the gospel where conflict and leadership intersect

Conflict provides an opportunity for church leaders. Leading well is always a challenge, but especially in those moments where leadership and conflict intersect. Even in the healthiest churches, conflict and leadership are interwoven threads—you can’t escape those moments when tension surfaces in an elders meeting, when you are leading through a difficult change, or when the angry marriage is sitting in your office…The Leadership Opportunity will help you live out the gospel in these difficult moments by providing solidly biblical and highly practical help for the common conflicts that all leaders face. This is the book to accompany the DVD-based group study for church leadership teams (sold separately).

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the leadership opportunity Dvd set

The fourteen DVD sessions contained in this study cover a wide range of topics that apply to church leaders. Aimed at the core leadership team of a church, this study’s goal is to “help encourage and equip your leaders to lead well in those challenging moments where conflict and leadership intersect.” The Leadership Opportunity covers topics such as “Leading through Change without Dividing the Flock,” “Seeing Redemptive Discipline as God’s Gift and Blessing to the Church,” and “Using Membership Commitments to Enable Faithful Ministry.”

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your family god's way: developing & sustaining relationships in the home

Your Family God’s Way: Developing & Sustaining Relationships in the Home offers biblical insight and practical wisdom into two crucial areas of family life: communication and conflict resolution. Mack examines why families fight and explains the key to turning family discord into harmony.

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war of words

An important and biblical book about our words and our God. Few of us really think about the power, the blessing, the gift, the effect, and the danger of our words. This book will make you think before you speak. Best of all, it will make you think of him before you speak.

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Choosing forgiveness

Perhaps you still remember the moment, the time of day, the look in the other person’s eye, when you were deeply hurt by someone you trusted. And since then your life has been put on hold, sabotaged by harbored resentment, dreams of revenge, or perhaps indifference and numbness.

Or it may be just the “stuff” of every day life and relationships that has left you with a knot in your stomach and a dull ache in your heart.

There are no magic words or secret formulas for forgiveness. But there are biblical principles that can help you break free from bitterness and pain. In Choosing Forgiveness, celebrated teacher Nancy Leigh DeMoss delves into God’s word to uncover the promises and expose the myths of forgiveness. Discover specific strategies for putting God’s grace and mercy into practice, forgiving others as God has forgiven you.

No one says it will be easy. But it could save your life.

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relationships: A mess worth making

Your best friend is suddenly cool and distant. Your spouse can't stop complaining about your bad habits. Your son refuses to talk to you. What are you supposed to do? Plans A, B, and C might be to shut down, lash out, or get out. But consider Plan D: Recognize that God has the last word on those messy, conflict-ridden relationships. He can use them to make you into a Christian who can give and receive love with God and others. Impossible? Idealistic? Not really.

In Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, Tim and Paul discuss the relational disappointments that we all suffer both in and out of the church. But they are also optimistic about the power of Christian beliefs to redeem and restore our relationships. Rather than presenting new or sophisticated techniques to make relationships flourish, the authors instead focus on the basic, Christian character qualities that can only be formed in the heart by the gospel.

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picking up the pieces: recovering from broken relationships

A broken romantic relationship can wreck lives and is especially painful if you didn’t want it to end. Here is relief to lead you from heartache to a healthier relationship with Christ.

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