eating disorders

help! i'm a slave to food

Overeating is a silent, subtle, even respectable sin—but it hinders the effectiveness of many, including Christians, and harms their spiritual growth. Perhaps you struggle with it too. If so, this book can help you—not as a diet plan, but as a compass directing you to the heart of the problem and to the only solution: Jesus, the One Who can bring you out of slavery into freedom.

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love to eat, hate to eat

Regular news reports assert that the USA has a sizeable problem with obesity. In a fresh way this author provides you with wise advice and shows how God will give you victory over root issues like thought life, emotions, habits, self-control, and the powerful influence of food. She does not accept the psychological model that labels disorders but instead provides a clear biblical perspective on sins involved in eating. The book also includes a helpful model of biblical change that could apply to any problem.

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eating disorders: hope for hungering souls

God's Word has much to say about modern day problems, and that includes the spectrum of eating disorders. Life-threatening problems as a result of disordered eating are at epidemic proportions today. Thankfully, there is real hope and practical help available through Jesus Christ the only One who offers real solutions to hurting souls.

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