General Counseling

a theology of christian counseling

This book connects biblical doctrine with practical living. The reader gains an insight into the rich theological framework that supports and directs a biblical approach to counseling.

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A Training manual for Reformed biblical counselors (Formerly the            DPTM: I)

“This is one of those rare counseling resources that is both biblical and practical. Its clear biblical principles have been worked out and tested in the trenches of people’s everyday problems resulting in a practical guide for soul-care that will help many needy people.” (~Dr. David Murray)

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counsel from the cross

To aid churches in ministering to broken and hurting people, the authors of Counsel from the Cross present a counseling model based on Scripture and powered by the work of the wonderful counselor, Jesus Christ. Through careful exegesis and helpful case studies, they demonstrate how to provide consistently biblical, gospel-centered counseling and explain why it is important to do so.

The authors’ combined backgrounds—one, a woman trained in biblical counseling and the other, a male professor of practical theology—bring balance to this work, making it relevant for those who counsel as part of pastoral ministry and for all involved in mentoring or discipleship.

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competent to counsel

This classic has helped thousands of pastors, students, laypeople, and Christian counselors develop both a general approach to Christian counseling and a specific response to particular problems.

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instruments in the redeemer's hands: people in need of change helping people in need of change

This book provides comprehensive treatment of how God uses people as tools of change in the lives of others, people who themselves are in need of change. In many ways, the church today has more consumers than committed participants. We see church merely as an event we attend or an organization we belong to, rather than as a calling that shapes our entire life. Tripp explains how his work follows an “all of my people, all of the time” model. If you followed the Lord for a thousand years, you would still need the ministry of the body of Christ as much as you did the day you first believed. This need will remain until our sanctification is complete in Glory.

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caring for the souls of children: A biblical counselor's manual

Coming alongside struggling children can feel like an uphill battle. Yet children struggle with the same desires adults struggle with, are lured by the same lies adults fall prey to, and can find hope in the same source adults can find hope in Jesus. This manual helps counselors share Christ the way, the truth, and the life while tailoring interactions and teachings to the understanding of children. Caring for the Souls of Children equips counselors, parents, pastors, and other helpers who love children, to boldly trust in the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling.

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wrinkled, but not ruined: counsel for the elderly

Most books that seek to help elderly persons major on sociological or psychological studies. Here is something different! Adams sets forth biblical commands and principles that will help pastors, families, and churches minister to elderly believers in a Godly manner. Adams applies scripture to the problems and opportunities of old age, dealing with the issues before they become problems.

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critical stages of biblical counseling

This book is a trilogy in which Dr. Adams leads both the novice and experienced counselor through the three key counseling sessions (or stages) which are common to the entire counseling process.

Getting Started: The First Session

What you do in the first session will set the tone for what follows--for good or for ill. If done well, it will help the counselee to gain confidence in your minister to him and, more importantly, in the Word of God and the God of the Word.

Breaking Through: The Turning Point

The turning point in counseling sessions is that point at which the counselor sees the beginning of appreciable, observable change--a change of knowledge, of understanding, of determination, of conviction, or of commitment. A turning point is crucial because true Christian change--of the sort that pleases God--always
involves a closer approximation of the thoughts and life of the counselee to the "ways" of God presented in the Scriptures.

Finishing Well: Termination

This final section concerns those basic issues that have to do with closing out a series of counseling sessions--how to know when, how to do it, and how to follow up.

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counseling the hard cases: true stories illustrating the sufficiency of God's resources in scripture

Biblical counselors have worked for decades to demonstrate that God’s resources in Scripture are sufficient to help people with their counseling-related problems. In Counseling the Hard Cases, editors Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert use the true stories of real patients to show how the truths of God’s Word can be released to bring help, hope, and healing into the lives of those who struggle with some of the most difficult psychiatric diagnoses.

From pastors and academics to physicians and psychiatrists, a world-class team of contributing counselors share accounts of Scripture having helped overcome bipolar, dissociative identity, and obsessive compulsive disorders, postpartum depression, panic attacks, addiction, issues from childhood sexual abuse, homosexuality, and more.

The book also shows how the graces of Christ, as revealed in the Bible, brought powerful spiritual change to the lives of such people who seemed previously burdened beyond hope by mental and emotional roadblocks.

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self-confrontation: a manual for in-depth biblical discipleship

Self-Confrontation offers a thorough, in-depth discipleship training resource that teaches you how to study the Scriptures for answers to lifes problems. Based solely on the Bible, this thorough and systematic manual has been used successfully in many different cultures and countries.

The Bible contains solutions to every problem of attitude, relationships, communication and behavior. Self-Confrontation helps you examine your life in the light of Scripture and find answers for meaningful and lasting change. The helpful lesson format outlines biblical principles for growing spiritually, overcoming personal problems, building strong relationships, and counseling/discipling others in-depth.

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women counseling women: biblical answers to life's difficult problems

Multitudes of women struggle daily with negative habits and addictions, emotions such as anger and depression, various kinds of loneliness, and other difficulties experienced by mothers, wives, or singles.

Here is a rich counseling resource that looks to the Bible alone as being sufficient to address our every need. Author Elyse Fitzpatrick and several contributors are all qualified biblical counselors skilled at interweaving the perfect wisdom of God’s Word with heartfelt compassion and concern for those who need help. Among the topics are emotions, worry, and depression, eating disorders and habitual struggles and sins, verbal abuse and pornography, singleness, marriage, and parenting,grief and caregiving.

Designed for both self-use and as a guide for counseling others, Women Counseling Women offers answers that will encourage and endure because God’s Word is timeless and full of wisdom for the problems women face.

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the christian counselor's manual

These and hundreds more questions are answered and explained from a biblical perspective in this comprehensive resource for the Christian counselor.

A full set of indexes, a detailed table of contents, and a full complement of diagrams and forms make this an outstanding reference book for and Christian counselor.

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speaking truth in love: counsel in community

“You probably speak 20,000 words a day, give or take, and each one influences those who listen. No wonder God has so much to say about our words. We are all counselors, whether we realize it or not! Speaking Truth in Love is a blueprint for communication that strengthens community in Christ. The principles outlined in this pivotal work are specific to counseling, yet extend to mariage, family, friendship, business and the church."

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seeing with new eyes: counseling and the human condition through the lens of Scripture

Seeing with New Eyes is collection of essays written over almost twenty years by a respected biblical counselor. David Powlison’s articles are Bible exposition, topical essay, editorial, and sermon. All of them show God’s gracious self-revelation in Jesus Christ and Scripture. “We learn to see how God sees,” writes Powlison. “Learning the gaze of God, we come to weigh life aright. We discern good and evil, fair and foul, lovely and degraded. We become able to pry apart true from false, instead of living in a murk of half-truths and flat lies.” This book explores two main topics.

– Scripture: God’s voice speaks into real life to reveal the gaze and intentions of the Christ who pursues us. How do we embrace, probe, and unravel Scripture?

– Understanding people amid their real life struggles: How do we embrace, probe, and unravel the problems of daily life?

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the practical encyclopedia of christian counseling

The Practical Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling is designed to afford Christian counselors quick reference as well as comprehensive access to the chief principles and practices of biblical counseling. It is called an “encyclopedia” because a counselor interested in surveying the gamut of those principles and practices will find in this volume a wider variety of subjects than may be located in any other book of biblical counseling. The counseling described here is truly “Christian.” with method and content firmly rooted in careful biblical exegesis. At the same time it is “practical” because articles consist not merely of definitions and descriptions, but also of application of the material useful to Christian counselors. Although not necessarily the only way these biblical principles can be applied, they are the fruit of years of study and experience in biblical counseling. In short, the book is designed as an aid to the working counselor who needs a quick reference guide. We trust that God will use it to His glory and to the blessing of His people.

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gospel-centered counseling

Bob Kellemen builds on the foundation of the written Word and provides a gospel-centered resource for understanding people, diagnosing problems, and prescribing biblically-based solutions.

Gospel-Centered Counseling is the first volume in The Equipping Christian Counselors Series, a comprehensive relational training curriculum for the local church that provides a model for equipping God’s people to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. This two-volume series weaves together comprehensive biblical insight with compassionate Christian engagement.

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gospel conversations: how to care like christ

How does a person learn to counsel others with the truth of God’s Word? Bob Kellemen believes that the best way to learn counseling is by doing it—by giving and receiving biblical counseling in the context of real, raw Christian community.

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curing the heart: a model for biblical counseling

This book is really a text book for anyone involved or interested in Christian counselling. Both the authors teach the subject at a theological seminary in the States. Their influences include Jay Adams, a leading Christian psychologist, and Francis Schaeffer. Section 1 helps to make a case for a different style of counselling, based on the Bible and on Christian principles. Only a Biblical framework can explain the “why?” of human behaviour. The approach is therefore holistic as it tackles the heart of the human problem: the problem of the human heart. Section 2 gives background as well as practical guidelines to those interested in becoming Christian Counselors. Section 3 outlines the Counselling Process and give practical worksheets and guidelines for helping someone out of their situation. 

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Becoming a titus 2 woman

Much is said and written today about mentoring. A mentor is a guide, a teacher, a counselor, an advisor; all words that apply to the Titus 2 woman. Becoming a Titus 2 Woman is a tool to train older women to successfully mentor younger women.

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Motives: Why Do I Do the things I do?

People are complex. There is behavior that we see and motives that we don't. Behind the "what we do" of our lives is the "why we do it."

Edward T. Welch challenges us to peer more closely into the "why." He insightfully reveals that, according to God's Word, the heart is the source of all human motivation. Our hearts contain motives such as: Pleasure, Happiness, Meaning, Power, Comfort, Control, Success, Peace, Freedom, Reputation, Respect, Love/Intimacy.

Welch encourages us to ask questions to discover some of our deeper motives:
-What do we hope for, want, crave?

-What do you fear? What do you worry about?
-When do you say, "If only..."?

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Homework manual for biblical living (vol. 2)

Here is the second of Wayne Mack's homework manuals designed for counselors needing specific assignments to give counselees, or for individuals seeking practical help in their own struggles. In this volume, Dr. Mack sheds biblical light on family and marital problems. He offers assignments for husbands and wives and for parents and children on topics such as communication, developing common interests, marriage evaluation, child rearing, and family religion.

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ocd: brain lock

An estimated 5 million Americans suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and live diminished lives in which they are compelled to obsess about something or to repeat a similar task over and over. Traditionally, OCD has been treated with Prozac or similar drugs. The problem with medication, aside from its cost, is that 30 percent of people treated don't respond to it, and when the pills stop, the symptoms invariably return.

In Brain Lock, Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., presents a simple four-step method for overcoming OCD that is so effective, it's now used in academic treatment centers throughout the world.

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Problems: solving them God's way

Problems usually mean trouble. Yes. That’s the way it is, and has been, ever since Adam and Eve wrongly handled a question someone raised about God’s Word and his intentions. That was the world’s first problem―how should we believe and act upon this new thought that has been introduced into our minds? Should we obey our Creator? Or should we . . .? You know the rest . . . As the result of their answer, we now have problems with ourselves, with other people, with God, with ideas, with things―life was not intended to be so full of problems, but now it is, so how do we deal with them?

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