Job Description

Title: Executive director for the Institute for Reformed biblical counseling (IRBC) and tsw reformed biblical counseling centers network (tsw)


The IRBC develops material and imparts to its students a reformed biblical perspective of counseling, while tSw provides assistance and oversight in establishing reformed biblical counseling centers, along with general accountability.

reports to:

Board of directors

role summary: 

The Executive Director is responsible for

1) leading in the development of material that emphasizes the sovereignty of God and comprehensively applies God's truth to the full spectrum of counseling-related problems

2) developing and implementing strategies aimed at promoting the organization's mission

3) creating complete business plans for the attainment of goals and objectives set by the Board of Directors

4) building an effective team of leaders

5) ensuring adherence of the organization's daily activities and long-term plans to established policies and legal guidance

6) directing and overseeing investments and fundraising efforts

7) forging and maintaining relations of trust with the Members

8) acting as the public speaker and public relations representative of the organization

9) reviewing reports created for the organization to acquire an understanding of its financial and non-financial position

10) devising remedial actions for any identified issues and conducting crisis management when necessary


The following is not all inclusive, and may change subject to the organization's development and growth. 

  • Develop, teach, and publish material which comprehensively applies God's truth to the full spectrum of counseling-related problems and which emphasizes the sovereignty of God.

  • Direct the daily operations of the ministry, including the oversight of staff. 

  • Oversee the updating and establishing of venues for the basic training course. 

  • Serve as a consultant to pastors and elders of supporting churches. 

  • Assist congregations in establishing counseling centers. 

  • Build support for the organization by building relationships with supporting churches, donors, counseling centers, and class participants. 

  • Implement and ensure that tSw affiliates are in compliance with the tSw Policy Handbook. 


1) Must subscribe to at least one of the following confessions: 3 Forms of Unity, Westminster Standards, London-Baptist Confession of 1689, The Savoy Declaration.

2) Ability to develop, publish, and teach a reformed biblical perspective of counseling.

3) Demonstrated ability to lead people and organizations.

4) Must possess at least a master's degree in theology of biblical counseling (M. Div. preferred) or a demonstrated understanding of the full counsel of God's Word and reformed theology. The candidate selected will be encouraged to work towards a doctoral degree in biblical counseling if he has not advanced to that level of training. Ordained ministers of conservative confessional reformed churches who have a disposition and/or training in biblical counseling are encouraged to apply for this position.